2022 Celebrity Challenge – Team UNA

2022 Celebrity Challenge

2022 Celebrity Challenge Event partners ten locally-owned restaurants and 20 local celebrities, to raise funds for numerous local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable local exposure for the restaurant partners. The restaurant partners have also each committed to providing 500 meals to the Friendship Inn over the course of the next 12 months.


Celebrity Challenge is an annual event where 2 local celebrities are teamed with a local restaurant partner. Each celebrity team will do their best to promote their restaurant and raise as much money as possible with gift card sales for their restaurant partner. The restaurants are graciously donating a minimum of 15% of all gift cards sold!

You can buy the restaurant gift cards right here on this website and our team will deliver them to your door ( home or office) within 7 days! 

At the end of the event, the winning team is the one that has sold the most gift cards and increased the Facebook & Instagram fans/followers of their restaurant partners the most over the challenge period – June 3rd – June 24th. 


We are thrilled to introduce you to TEAM UNA. 

Team Una is an amazing partnership between Dr. Rick Jaggi and Jean Parchewsky.   Dr Jaggi is part of the The Face Institute in Saskatoon and Jean is VP of People Operations at Vendasta.   This team will do amazing things for Team Una and we can’t wait to see the results.

Find out more about the two celebrities and also learn about UNA Restaurants’ specialties! Then show your support for TEAM UNA by clicking the button below and purchasing gift cards!

Dr. Rick Jaggi

Dr. Rick Jaggi is The Director of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and is Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at U of S. He is also Medical Director of The Face Institute in Downtown Saskatoon. He is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngologist- Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Jaggi is an active volunteer in fundraising for his community. He is also Mission Director for Face The Future Foundation. In this role, he leads a team of surgeons and other health professionals to reconstruct patients suffering from war injuries and gender-based violence


Jean Parchewsky 

Jean Parchewsky is Vendasta’s Vice President of People Operations because she is passionate about where the people and the operations collide in business. With her competitive nature, she is determined that Vendasta will beat everyone when it comes to the best place to work, no matter how big Vendasta grows.


UNA Pizza is a neighbourhood restaurant serving Californian inspired, thin crust pizza with Mediterranean influenced food and flavours. We find inspiration for our dishes from California to the south of Spain, Italy & France.

UNA pizza + wine was dreamt up through multiple trips to San Francisco where pizza and the restaurants serving these California ‘zas, can be found in every neighbourhood and are often the anchor for each area. We love how these restaurants welcomed everyone that lives within their area for anything from a small snack, to a glass of wine or even simply dessert and a coffee. UNA aims to be an anchor in the Broadway community and while we take limited reservations, our aim is that guests may come in at anytime, for anything and stay for as long as they like. We also love good wine so had to include it in our name and have curated a unique list showcasing small producers whose emphasis, like ours, is also on quality.

“UNA Pizza is a local restaurant serving Californian inspired, thin crust pizza.”

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Proceeds from the 2022 event will benefit several local non-profits:


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