2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge – Team Shift

2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge

The 2021 Take Out Celebrity Challenge Event partners twelve locally owned restaurants and 24 local celebrities,  to raise funds for numerous local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable local exposure for the restaurant partners. The restaurant partners have also each committed to providing 800 meals to the Friendship Inn over the course of the next 12 months.


Celebrity Take Out Challenge is an annual event where 2 local celebrities are teamed with a local restaurant partner. Each celebrity team will do their best to promote their restaurant and raise as much money as possible with gift card sales for their restaurant partner. The restaurants are graciously donating 15% of all gift card sold!

You can buy the restaurant gift cards right here on this website and our team will deliver them to your door ( home or office) within 7 days! 

At the end of the event, the winning teams are the ones who sold the most gift cards and increased the Facebook & Instagram fans/followers  of their restaurant partners the most over the challenge period – June 4th – June 20th. 

Meet 2021 Ens Auto Celebrity TAKE OUT CHALLENGE – TEAM SHIFT

We are thrilled to introduce you to Team Shift.

Zeba Ahmad & Wayne Brownlee are no strangers to volunteering their time to support the Saskatoon community, they have partnered with Shift restaurant for this awesome event. Zeba is the executive director of the Saskatoon Public School Foundation, and Wayne is currently the vice-chair of the Saskatoon Public School Foundation. Through collaborative partnerships with local businesses, organizations and individuals  The Saskatoon Public School Foundation are able to build community and offer enriching support programs to those who need it most.

Find out more about the two celebrities and also learn about Shift Restaurants specialities! Then show your support for TEAM SHIFT by clicking the button below and purchasing gift cards!


Zeba began her professional career as a pharmacist. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation.  Zeba, a proud mom of two grown children, is a tireless volunteer. She has served on and chaired several boards and most recently was appointed to the Rideau Hall Foundation Board. Zeba also serves as the Honorary Colonel for the 38 Combat Engineer Regiment.
Zeba has received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers and named a Top 100 Alumni of Influence, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition. Zeba received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Community Building 2021.


Wayne who was born in Biggar, said his innate curiosity and critical thinking skills bloomed while a student at the University of Saskatchewan. Wayne is the former CFO and Executive Vice President of PotashCorp/Nutrien. He served as Co-Chair of the Wanuskewin Heritage Park fundraising campaign and is currently Vice Chair of the Wanuskewin Board.   He is the Vice Chair of the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation Board. Wayne recently received the Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award by the University of Saskatchewan.



Shift Restaurant is locally owned and operated. Located at the new Remai Modern museum of modern and contemporary art, Shift is a Canadian-inspired restaurant that tells the stories of our country’s past, present and future through imaginative food.

They strive to create a connection between food and place through genuine, contemporary cooking rooted in Canada’s ever-evolving culture and flavours. The menu celebrates Canadian culture, while also highlighting familiar dishes of the Prairies.

Shift also aims to showcase the land, as well as our farmers and other producers, through the use of homegrown ingredients wherever possible. Strongly influenced by seasonal shifts, chefs frequently change their menus to highlight the unique conditions and bounties each season brings.

‘Shift is a restaurant that tells the stories of our country’s past, present and future through imaginative food.’


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Proceeds from the 2021 event will benefit several local non-profits:


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