2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge – Team Cave

2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge

The 2021 Take Out Celebrity Challenge Event partners twelve locally-owned restaurants and 24 local celebrities,  to raise funds for numerous local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable local exposure for the restaurant partners. The restaurant partners have also each committed to providing 800 meals to the Friendship Inn over the course of the next 12 months.


Celebrity Take Out Challenge is an annual event where 2 local celebrities are teamed with a local restaurant partner. Each celebrity team will do their best to promote their restaurant and raise as much money as possible with gift card sales for their restaurant partner. The restaurants are graciously donating 15% of all gift card sold!

You can buy the restaurant gift cards right here on this website and our team will deliver them to your door ( home or office) within 7 days! 

At the end of the event, the winning teams are the ones who sold the most gift cards and increased the Facebook & Instagram fans/followers of their restaurant partners the most over the challenge period – June 4th – June 20th. 


We are thrilled to introduce you to Team The Cave.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Team The Cave, featuring Mike Shaw and Tamara Bowman. Mike Shaw is the CEO of Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical a very well-known and respected locally owned company. Tamara Bowman is the owner of Metric Design. Award-winning for her design and community involvement, Tamara has competed won 2 years in a row for Saskatoon’s Swinging With The Stars, where she wowed the crowd with her show-stopping performances and moves! When we received the bios we saw they had a common interest, 🎤 Karaoke …so Team Cave will be singing for their supper perhaps?

Find out more about the two celebrities and also learn about The Cave’s Restaurants’ specialties! Then show your support for TEAM THE CAVE by clicking the button below and purchasing gift cards!


Mike Shaw is the CEO of Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical. Proud dad of 3 boys, who is committed to giving back to the local community. A proud Saskatonian, Mike has a diverse list of hobbies and interests, including but not limited to building, lover of family time, design, karaoke, golf, bikes, beaches, trivia, warmth & wit, politics, discovery, late nights, new friends, travel, nerds, audiobooks and sunshine. Mike Shaw has a set of his best locations and can be found often at North Park, Centennial, Airport and Candle Lake.







As visionary and Creative Director, Tamara carefully oversees the conceptual design and development of Metric’s design and renovation projects. Award-winning for her design and community involvement. Tamara was also a director for the Downtown Business Improvement District of Saskatoon and is adamant about making Saskatoon a great place to live. You can also find her regularly on her Décor & Design segment with Global News.

Tamara, and her equally awesome husband ( Progress Club member Cary Bowman) have two amazing children. Tamara considers herself a dedicated soccer mom (whose kids don’t play soccer), as well as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things food and drink. Tamara loves to spend her downtime with family & friends, staying active, travelling, dancing, and is a closet karaoke enthusiast.


The Cave Restaurant first opened its doors in September of 1973. Originally half its size we expanded in 1985 to include our Starlight Banquet Room and The Cavern Lounge. A completely local and independent family restaurant, that has become a Saskatoon landmark. Our unique architecture, courteous and polite staff, coupled with our wide menu options will make your next dinning experience memorable. From first dates, to anniversaries and birthdays, or just a night out. The Cave has it all!

Reservations are appreciated but they are not required. Modelled to showcase a natural cave atmosphere with an exquisite menu, means you and your family will be more than happy dining at The Cave. Try the chicken lemonati breast with lemon roast potatoes and peas or try the chicken souvlaki skewers, which have been reviewed to be quite good.


“From first dates, to anniversaries and birthdays, or just a night out. The Cave has it all!”


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Proceeds from the 2021 event will benefit several local non-profits:


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