2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge – Team Botté

2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge

2021 End Auto Take Out Celebrity Challenge Event partners twelve locally owned restaurants and 24 local celebrities,  to raise funds for numerous local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable local exposure for the restaurant partners. The restaurant partners have also each committed to providing 800 meals to the Friendship Inn over the course of the next 12 months.


Celebrity Take Out Challenge is an annual event where 2 local celebrities are teamed with a local restaurant partner. Each celebrity team will do their best to promote their restaurant and raise as much money as possible with gift card sales for their restaurant partner. The restaurants are graciously donating 15% of all gift card sold!

You can buy the restaurant gift cards right here on this website and our team will deliver them to your door ( home or office) within 7 days! 

At the end of the event, the winning teams are the ones who sold the most gift cards and increased the Facebook & Instagram fans/followers of their restaurant partners the most over the challenge period – June 4th – June 20th. 

Meet 2021 Ens Auto Celebrity TAKE OUT CHALLENGE – TEAM Botté

We are thrilled to introduce you to Team Botte.

We would like to introduce you to the dynamic duo of Team Botte, Frank Collins & Parviz Yazdani. Frank comes to the table with a strong background in marketing, design photography and philosophy. Parviz Yazdani is a practicing Saskatoon dentist and entrepreneur. They both share a strong commitment to the community!

Find out more about the two celebrities and also learn about Botté Chai Bar specialties! Then show your support for TEAM Botté by clicking the button below and purchasing gift cards!


Frank comes to the table with a strong background in design, photography, and philosophy; it has always been his passion. Years of working on the ground in real-world jobs, Frank developed a different perspective on how business and marketing need to work. He has unique skills and perspectives not commonly found in the marketing industry — giving him the ability to produce spectacular ideas for brand building and design!

Frank is also an avid participant in less conventional extracurricular activities. He enjoys wheeled sports like skateboarding or mountain biking (preferable gnarly downhill riding!) and can frequently be found ripping around Saskatoon on his Fatbike. Along with adding in a little trail running and yoga. Namaste Frank!


Dr. Parviz Yazdani is a Saskatoon dentist and entrepreneur, who has been living in Saskatoon since his move to Canada as a refugee. He says that he still struggles with how to stay warm 9 months out of the year. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, he spent his undergraduate years in Montreal and thinks it’s the best place on earth, if only they had 7-11’s there.

Early in his dental career, he started the Canada-World Cinema Project and Xerxes Indie Films, film companies with the objectives of international coproductions with developing countries, as a means of socio-economic development. After a series of critical successes with various projects, he decided to dedicate more of his time to the dental business and working with NGOs in Central America and Haiti to provide dental services for the underserved, migrant, and refugee populations. He is an owner at both Neesh Dental and BLOK Dental and also owns Botté Chai Bar



At Botté Chai Bar in Saskatoon, they pride themselves on providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee. Working with local, national, and international suppliers and partners to source the freshest, highest quality offerings.

Botté Chai Bar is your secret oasis, Saskatoon’s hidden gem, where you go to let your time slow down and reclaim it as your own. Savour your solitude. Celebrate with clients after a deal. Play a game of chess or backgammon over a cup of tea. Break open that long-neglected sketchpad or notebook and create. Simply sit back with your favourite book. Plugin your laptop and lounge on their comfortable seating with free WiFi and plenty of outlets. Come alone. Come with many. Make Botté your home away from home. And make Saskatoon’s favourite, hidden gem your own exotic oasis.

‘Let time slow down. Meet with friends. Relish a quiet rendezvous.’


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Proceeds from the 2021 event will benefit several local non-profits:


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