In 1922, about 100 Toronto businessmen and professional people joined together to form the Canadian Progress Club.  Since the charter of the “Mother Club” the Canadian Progress club operates from coast to coast.

We are an all-Canadian Service Club operating in Canada, having no international or political affiliations and concentrating our efforts to assist Canadian projects.

The Progress motto—“It’s great to be Canadian/Soyons fiers d’êtres Canadiens”—expresses bilingually what membership is all about.  This enthusiasm surpassed nationalism because it is aimed at addressing the needs of the community first.

The Canadian Progress Club is a small force of common-sense experienced men and women who care, and who realize that with the strength of a few people you can make changes for the betterment of both individuals and society as a whole.  In particular, we are proud of our contribution in the area of under privileged children, and of helping to foster the cause of physically, mentally and socially handicapped people of Canada through service to the community.


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