Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF) was registered as a Non Profit Corporation for charitable purposes in 1968 to support the charitable objectives and purposes of the Canadian Progress Club (CPC). It is recognized by CRA as a” charitable organization” pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada).

In 1986, the members of CPC, looking to find common ground and a uniting focus for all clubs across Canada to use the resources of CPCF to support Special Olympics. A goal was set to raise $1 million to be kept in an endowment fund for that purpose. From that fund periodic (now annual) donations to SOC have been and will continue to be made. Monies donated have assisted the Canadian Special Olympians to attend the International Games by helping purchase uniforms and offsetting travel costs. The $1 million goal was reached in 2005 at the CPC National Convention in Saskatoon – a very proud moment for all Progressians.  CPC, through CPCF, is now not just a sponsor but has become a partner with Special Olympics, and that relationship helps to strengthen the commitment to and otherwise benefits both organizations.  Currently, Special Olympics Canada holds training camps for athletes, coaches and support staff that are funded by the donation received from CPCF.

The resources of CPCF are available to assist those in need in all communities across this great country where there is a CPC presence. CPCF charitable purposes place a strong focus on persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, but other purposes are also well recognized and supported.  You can be a part of all of this by contributing to Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF).

The resources of CPCF are generated from funds raised by the chartered Canadian Progress Clubs located across Canada, and their members and sponsors. Money is also raised by individual and corporate donations.

If you are interested in more information on Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation, or to make a donation by more traditional means, please send us an email.


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