2022 Celebrity Challenge Event Launches in Saskatoon



For Release May 25, 2022 


    2022 Celebrity Challenge Event  

2022 Celebrity Challenge Launches in Saskatoon

The goal of the event is to raise funds for several local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable exposure and promotion for 10 locally-owned restaurants in Saskatoon. Each of the participating restaurants in 2022 has also committed to donating 500 meals to Saskatoon’s Friendship Inn.

History Of Celebrity Challenge Event 

In 2020 we were very aware that the restaurant industry was being particularly hard hit by the Covid 19 public health restrictions, and that has continued over the course of the pandemic. In addition, non-profits had to cancel, and have been unable to reschedule key fundraising events. This has severely impacted the ability to cover their operational costs and in many cases, they are struggling to fund the important work done in our community. The Canadian Progress Club Saskatoon Downtown wanted to do what they could to help.  

Take Out Challenge event was launched in 2020 and has been an extremely successful annual fundraiser. Thanks to the restaurants, celebrities and event sponsors, in the first 2 years we raised just under $145,000 for numerous local non-profits,  in addition over 15,000 meals have been donated to the Friendship Inn, and the locally owned restaurant partners increased their sales and local brand awareness.

The event committee is excited to announce our plans for an even more successful 2022 event. The event will run from June 3rd through June 24th, 2022. 

Celebrity Challenge In June

‘Local Celebrities Teaming Up To Support Local Restaurants & Non-Profits.’

 In 2022 we have enlisted 20 local celebrities.

The celebrities will be sorted into 10 teams of 2, and each team will partner with one of the restaurants. Between June 3rd – June 24th the celebrities are challenged to drive as many gift card sales as possible for their restaurant partner. A minimum of 15% of ALL Gift Card sales in this period will go to our local non-profit partners. The celebrities will also strive to increase the social likes of their restaurants as much as possible. 

1 winner will be announced at the end of the challenge.

2022 Restaurant Partners 

We are proud to have a diverse list of restaurant partners to choose from in 2022. From Persian to pizza, ribs to baking some long-time family favourites to some newer restaurants and cafes.  All quality-driven, locally-owned & invested in our community.  Check out our 2022 Restaurant run down to find out more about each of them and their menus 

                             2022 Non-Profit Partners 

  • Care and Share 
  • Big Brother Big Sisters Saskatoon
  • Help One
  • Haven Kids House (formerly Saskatoon Crisis Nursery)
  • Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation
  • And more…

            “We encourage the public to follow us and our partners on social media. “

We would also ask them to share the news of the event with their friends and colleagues. If they order from the restaurant partners we hope it inspires them to share food pics and positive reviews in support of their efforts.

Facebook: CanadianProgressClubSaskatoon
Instagram : CanadianProgressClubSaskatoon
LinkedIn: Canadian-progress-club-saskatoon-downtown

   2022 Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to our generous 2022 Celebrity Challenge event sponsors. Please visit our 2022 event page for details on our sponsors which will be updated as more are confirmed.

The Canadian Progress Club – Saskatoon Downtown is a men’s service club chartered in 1981 which supports many worthwhile projects in Saskatoon and area. We are part of a national organization that is an all-Canadian Service Club operating in Canada since 1922. The Club is made up of individuals from Saskatoon who have a common interest in bettering our community by helping those in need. In particular, we focus on children’s needs.

See the charities, non-profits and individuals the club has supported here: https://www.saskatoonprogressclub.com/charities/ 


Contact: Beau Atkins or Darryl Caudle
Title: Co-Chairs
Email: beauatkins@evolvelaw.ca or darryl.caudle@saskramada.com



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