2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take Out Challenge Wrap-Up


The goal of the 2021 Ens Auto Celebrity Take-Out Challenge Event was to raise funds for numerous local non-profits, as well as increase sales and provide valuable local exposure. We are thrilled to announce that we achieved all of these lofty goals and some!


Celebrity Take Out Challenge is an annual event where 24 local celebrities, in teams of 2 are partnered with a local restaurant. Each celebrity team did their best to promote and raise awareness of their restaurant partner and raise as much money as possible with gift card sales. The restaurants graciously donated 15% of all gift cards sold in the challenge period – June 4th -20th 2021.

The celebrities also had a secondary goal of increasing their restaurant partners’ social followers and fans on Facebook and Instagram.

The restaurant partners also each committed to providing 800 meals to the Saskatoon Friendship Inn over the course of the next 12 months.

The Final Results Are IN!

How Much Was Raised For Local Non- Profits?

We are super excited to share that the final total raised was over $84,500.

This impressive total is a combination of Sponsorship dollars, where local sponsors stepped up to contribute $71,000  and the 15% of Restaurant Gift Cards sold which was over $13,500!!

We will share details of the recipients and pictures of the cheque presentations as they happen later this Summer.

In addition to the total amount of cash raised, there are also 9600 meals being donated to the Friendship Inn.


The Celebrity Challenge teams had two focus areas, as outlined below.

#1 Team Sales Champions –  The duo that could sell the most gift cards to their restaurant partner.
#2 Team Social Influencers – The duo that could increase the social followers of their partner restaurant the most.

It was a VERY hard-fought battle, especially for the Team Sales Champions Crown, but in the end, the winners were.

2021 Team Sales Champion

With a massive $17,990 in Gift Card sales for Mano’s Restaurant, these 2 ladies earned their crowns!

A HUGE thank you to Erin Ens and Dr. Donna Jubin, who proved themselves to be a force of fundraising.

2021 Team Social Influencers

With a social increase of 486 followers for their restaurant partner, UNO’s they deserve a thumbs up!

Katie Cotter & Chase Porter hustled! They also came 4th in the gift card challenge, selling over $9000 in gift cards.

A Final Word From the 2021 Chair

As Chair of the 2021 Celebrity Take Out Challenge event, I want to share our appreciation and thank all of the 2021 sponsors, celebrities, restaurants, and the Saskatoon community at large for stepping up to the challenge!

COVID-19 cast a dark shadow on the last 18 months. That is especially true for the restaurant industry, which was hit disastrously hard. We are so grateful our restaurant partners stepped up to not only be involved but also show their commitment to our community by donating 800 meals each to The Friendship Inn! Those donations will feed nearly 10,000 Saskatonians!!!

A special thank you to our major sponsors, including our title sponsor Ens Auto Group. We are extremely grateful for your support. With our sponsors, we were able to raise over $80,000, all of which will go directly into Saskatoon-based charitable causes.

I also want to highlight the efforts of the 24 celebrities that did an amazing job selling gift cards. Over $90,000 of gift cards were sold to support our restaurant partners! Thank you for stepping up and donating your time and energy to support your restaurant partner and raise money for local non-profits in need.

Last but not least, the Progress Club Saskatoon Downtown would like to thank the Saskatoon public for their outstanding support of our 2021 event. We are thrilled with the amount raised for charity and we know you will enjoy every bite of the meals you are going to purchase with the gift cards – Beau Atkins


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